Thursday, June 26, 2008

A picnic one day in June...

On June 25th, YAC members Andrew and Erin, and SPNN Youth staff Nicola, Peter, and Erika, all headed over to Mears Park. There, we ate a picnic lunch, and talked about where YAC has been this past year, and where it is going. We talked about the highs and lows of last year which included the Science Museum field trip and SPNN Open House (highs), spotty YAC meeting turnout (low), and the Mind over Media Curriculum (both high and low). We discussed some things we’d like to change for the coming year. The consensus was that folks would like a faster pace of projects, a variety of hands on projects, and clear goals set at the beginning of the year that we stick to.

Then we talked about an idea we’ve been considering for a while to boost attendance and commitment; it would involve YAC members applying to be members, selecting 10, and then paying YAC members a monetary stipend for their commitment. After some back and forth, everyone seemed to think it would be a good idea – a good way to get people to consistently come, not have to prioritize jobs over YAC, and be appreciated for their contributions. Peter and Nicola will think some more about how to make this work and get back with y’all on this topic in the coming months. Rest assured, anyone currently involved with YAC will continue to have a place at the table.

We also talked about ways that YAC members could have a presence at other classes at SPNN. Some ideas included having YAC members come in on the last day of classes to promote YAC, having YAC members present their work at a class – like a guest speaker, and having YAC members take on helping to run SOL.

We will have two more meetings this summer before we return to our every-other week schedule. In July we will be planning an “End of Summer” youth media screening at SPNN. And, in August, we will be sprucing up the media lab to make it a little more youth friendly. Hope you can make it to both of these meetings. They will be on July 30th and August 27th from 11:30-1PM at SPNN. See you then!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rule the youth media universe!

Hello Avid YAC Blog Readers!

Sorry that this post is coming a few days after the meeting. Mai Cha had to run to catch a bus and we never got this far. It was a small meeting but some important things were discussed.

We were joined for the first half of the meeting by SPNN Board-member Elizabeth, and we talked about ways that YAC and the board could work together, working on projects and just talking about what each other are doing since a lot of the tasks of YAC and the board are similar. Elizabeth will be coming to about one meeting per month for about an hour. More on this to come.

We also decided that YAC meetings will continue on Fridays this summer, at least for the upcoming months. We will be meeting from 11-12:30 on Fridays. I will get a schedule of meeting dates soon, but plan on that for now. This way hopefully lots of folks can come to meetings (James?). We will also be looking for new YAC members to start coming this summer and the return of some past members (Anders?).

Mai Cha and I then worked on a MN flowers slide for the media literacy workshop, and called it a day.

Hope to see y'all soon,


Friday, April 25, 2008

I Fought the Law

Today... we worked through the rest of the media literacy..."thing," as Peter called it. The media literacy workshop. We went through the papers and figured out what we wanted to get rid of. For next week, Peter's gonna fix the slideshow from MNN.  Andrew and Mai Cha were missing this week, but Taj was here for the beginning bit, and Mejid finally came back! :D

We're still waiting for news on our press passes for the NCMR convention...thing. They're going to get back to all the people in a couple days, so we'll know by the next meeting. 

Part of the MLW is this Pepsi ad from the superbowl. It's bizzare--it's a bunch of the kids who got in trouble for downloading music off the internet. Pepsi was giving away a bunch of free MP3s and stuff. It was strange. 

Yeah, we didn't really do much else.


Friday, March 28, 2008

MIND OVER media...

Today we went through the mind over media workshop in more detail. James, Bekka and Peter went through the first two sections of the workshop (Media Literacy and Critical Thinking and Media Saturation) and figured out what we wanted to keep and what we wanted to change.

Next meeting, we're going to go to the Science Museum! There's an awesome animation exhibit there that we're going to look at.

Mo the pizza man left his badge here. We're slightly confused as to how this kind of thing could happen. But it's awesome nonetheless. They still use pins there. James was telling me about the magnetic name tags that can pinch your finger off. :(
So Mo, if you're reading this, your nametag is in the media lab. :P

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mind Over Media!! correcto!


I erased the post written by Bekka. Okay...
so this is what we did. We ...I came late because I was calling people. Andrew came in late, he wanted to be on time..but had to drive something home. The blond-dude came in late too...sorry! forgot your name....

Taj was late...BEKKA WAS EARLY!

okay...seriously now.

We went over the Mind Over Media curriculum. We went through slide by slide. The information was very, very interesting...

Half of the workshop focuses on critical thinking...half of the other workshop focuses on the importance of media and democracy.

Overall, we all thought the workshop idea was was just too long to sustain youth's attention. SO, for next session, we are going to talk about cutting out little things and assign people roles so we can be more in-depth about our section.

Peter was very nervous...hahah....(sorry..didn't meant to laugh). HOWEVER, fyi, we YAC do appreciate the time you're putting into this.

AND ONE LAST THING! EACH yac member has the option to have a personal profile online! YAY>>>
.......FOR THOSE WHO did not come today...make sure to email Peter with your information!


Monday, March 03, 2008

YAC Accomplishments!

As promised, here is the full list that we brainstormed at the last meeting over burritos of Youth Advisory Committee's accomplishments over the past two years:

  • ACM Conference Panel Presentations
  • ACM Conference Film Festival
  • ACM Workshop
  • YAC T-Shirts
  • State Fair Video Booth
  • Produced SPNN Youth Promo Video
  • Produced several SPNN Youth Updates
  • Created Outreach Fliers
  • Interviewed for CTEP/Americorps positions
  • Matted and hung Set It Up Photo Project photos
  • Painted the large studio
  • Reviewed new website
  • Gave feedback on classes and programs
  • Increased public speaking skillz

Thats a lot of things on our list and we're moving ahead with more projects. After talking at our meeting we decided to move ahead with putting together a Media Literacy and Outreach presentation that can be done with different groups and in different youth spaces around St. Paul. At our next meeting on March 14 we will look over MNN Youth Channel's Mind over Media curriculum, and start discussing and revising to make our own plan of attack. If you weren't at our last meeting, and you're a YAC member I hope to see you at the next meeting in two weeks! -Peter

Friday, February 29, 2008


First thing's first: Welcome, Destaney! Today was her first meeting EVER. Other members include: Peter and Nicola, of course, James, and today marks the return of Bekka to YAC meetings. She/I haven't/hasn't been here in weeks. There is a notable lack of Andrew, Anders and Mai Cha. The two former both have work, and Mai Cha had school stuff do. WE MISS YOU!!

What did we do today? I'll tell you what. We made a list. A list of things we have done so far. It was a lot more than I had thought. Among the things was the ACM conference. We did so much for that. Then we got down to the things like making t-shirts, matting photos and filming youth updates. Peter will add the full list later.
THEN! We made a list of things we need to do. The other next week, the plan is: Read and discuss the media literacy curriculum. We're going to revise it, practice it, and then apply it. We're gonna show various groups the...class thingy this summer.

AND EVEN LATER! We looked at the new website, that actually has yet to be put up. The plan: to put up bios and photos for YAC members. We're gonna write about our selves. We talked about BAVC and their profiles and such, and how it's a cool idea. Now we can link to a specific page when we are showing ourselves off. :D


Friday, November 23, 2007


Okay, so this is what happened today at YAC. However,let's not go there yet.

First, listen to my adventure. Basically, I spent an hour napping on the bus, which only serves to make me more tired!! ahhhhhhhh!. Here's an advicce! Don't sleep on the bus!!!!

Okay, here is the updates from YAC!

So I came in late today and was confused about what we were doing. But then people filled me in. What we did was discussed what the open house is going to be like. This is the schedule we decided on for the open house:

10:15: Tour 1
10:30: Screening 1
10:45: Tour 2
11:00: Screening 2
11:15: Tour 3
11:30: Screening 3/start editing
12:45: Final screening

Mai Cha told me to add things to the blog, so I guess I have to.
-is now done-
I shall now go back to discussing Anime with Mai Cha.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Open House Brainstorm

Today at our YAC meeting we introduced ourselves and looked over the future statement to think about what we should do this year. One idea was to have a MAFIA (make a film in a...) 24-hour film challenge. James and Bekka participated in one at a conference in Austin last week, and James said he would do it again.
We then talked about what we could do at the SPNN Open House which is on December 8. We had the idea of having a short video competition. We would try and get people to bring a DVD with a short video on it and turn it in when they come to the Open House. After the event we could then pick a winner who would get a prize and put together a reel of the videos submitted to show on channel 16.
We also talked about doing a workshop/demo during the event where we would produce a promo for SPNN with the help of all of the different people at the Open House and work our way through preproduction, production, and post production getting input and help from those taking a tour of the media lab and small studio.
At our next meeting we are going to spend more time working on these ideas and shoot at 30 second promo advertising for submissions and for people to come to the open house. Mejid is also going to put together a flyer before the next meeting to hand out to promote the event.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Hey to All

Hey to all it's Andrew here and I'm just going to explain what we did today at YAC. We'll coming from the ONLY Youth that showed up I way that we got a lot done.



Peter now,
We talked about YAC's rebirth, what it should look like this year. We also brainstormed ideas for a TCYMN reel that will be showing on TPT. Thats all I have for now. Maybe I'll be seeing you?


Thursday, August 30, 2007

LAST DAY!!!!! (cry...cry...sniff...sniff)

Wow....can you believe it? Tomorrow is the last day of Kevin at SPNN. After that, the road is blank or just a long road because of uncertainty.

Today at YAC, we had two special guests. One is Peter. Peter is the replacement of Kevin (NOT IN THAT WAY!)after he's gone. He was here to get familiar with everyone and just so we all feel comfortable around each other.

Another one is ROxanne! She is always willing to lend us a hand whenever we need you. HEre's a big shout out to her.

AND ANDREW! tHAT'S RIGHT! Andrew, if you're reading this, you are in big trouble, MISTER. You promised that you would come and we waited! We WAITED 15 minutes for YOU! Can YOU not see that we were sincere?! (Here's a nice advice: WHAT HAPPENED?), we're ready to reflect. The YAC meeting always starts out with a check-in (check-in has become a tradition), then came the food! That's right! FOOD, no one is not a food lover.

With food came discussions. Kevin asked us about how has youth voice and presence changed in and out of SPNN ever since YAC started. We went around or more like, we chat and chat around the answers. But we did get good answers, don't worry about it.

After that came the future statement for this coming year. During the last YAC meeting, Ivan and I came up with this future statement. So CHECK IT OUT!

YAC Future Statement

For the year 2007-2008, YAC plans to:

1. Ensure a youth voice
a. By continuously taking feedback from evaluations to improve our programs
b. By engaging youth in decision-making situations
2. Increase youth involvement and opportunities at SPNN
a. By looking for funding to increase youth opportunities, space, programs, and contents.
b. By creating street team to do outreach
c. By developing website to discuss and connect with other youth
3. Raise awareness of youth media and community issues
a. By collaborating with organizations to create promos/projects to get youth interested and involved
i. To educate about youth voice and media
b. By attending youth-related events and conferences
c. By putting promos on website (after completing them)
4. Develop youth leaders
a. By actively hiring youth for TA position
b. By consistently having youth representation at board’s meeting
c. By initiating a social network (i.e. myspace)
d. Initiating a YAC sleepover

Ivan came up with some pretty good ideas about expanding the physical space of the programs as well as youth involvement.

Um.......after this, guess what we did?
we play apple TO staple! Ahahahah..........It was so funny! well, it's easier to say it was so funny but much harder to imagine. But of course, you get the idea.

Least but not last is saying goodbye. I know all of YAC and SPNN (including Mike) people are feeling very sad that Kevin is leaving SPNN. We know he's gonna stay until October because his lease ends in OCtober so PEOPLE, here is your chance to gawk at him and laugh at him all you want!

One thing for sure is that Kevin, if you do ever read this post, you probably know how much everyone love you and are going to miss you. Wherever you go, whatever you do, however you are, remember that you have a full team of supporters at SPNN who love and cherish you and appreciate all the things that you did. SO don't hesitate to contact any of us if you ever need anything.

And tomorrow is also the last of working at SPNN for Bekka and Mai Cha. You guys worked so hard this summer and deserve an applaud! is going to be nice and smooth after all this.

Lastly is a shout out to EVERYONE ON EARTH! MAY only PEACE Reside in this earth! PEace out!

Friday, August 10, 2007

The ACM Conference!

Oh my goodness, ACM CONFERENCE!
It's been a couple weeks since the conference, but we've needed it to recover.

The first day was a little hectic, what with locating everyone and making sure everyone was registered and such (turns out Pedro wasn't.... >_> ). Then most of us went to panels. Ivan had to run off and find his wallet and Andrew was still at school, though.
The hometown video awards were...long. And talkey. But Mai Cha got an award, so it was all good. But the awards ran long, so Andrew, Mai Cha and Bekka had to RUSH RUSH RUSH to get everything together for the youth screening. But it rocked out loud, so its ok. n___n

Day 2! We got those cards for the drawings filled out and then we were waiting for everybody to show up... Then we had to go to are panels and Pedro, Bekka, And I, Andrew went to the panel that Mai cha was on about YXVN and NYMAP. It was rad.

Then we went to lunch and we went to a second panel that Bekka and Kevin were on (!) about youth media and youth involvement in access centers. That one was rad, too.
That night, there was a YVXN dinner for the people directly involved. It was yummy. :)

On saturday..!..we had the Hands on Video Workshop!

We reflected on the conference and got to make videos about things to change, things that were good... We all had a lot of fun working with the other youth from around making the videos
The first video was what was good about the conference...
The second video was about what they should change next year
Third one was a message that you should start involving youth because we are the future of Media.

Here are the videos we created (be warned - there's about 30 seconds of black at the beginning - whoops!)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

YAC preps for the ACM Conference

This week in YAC, we split into two committees to prepare for the youth media screening at the Alliance for Community Media Conference.

Mai Cha's group worked on the video intros. Her, Mejid and Pedro
decided on "urban" as the general theme, which would be split into
smaller sections. Though we had a small group, we got quite a bit
done. Mejid came up with some good ideas for transitions between films
and RayLynn thought of good ideas for hosting. RayLynn and Bekka
worked hard on planning the Q&A section. They picked potential hosts,
talked to Witt about a 'field trip' to the Walker, and made a general
list of things that need to be done. Both groups are working to show
that youth do have a voice, and even though we like to play, we can
get things done and DO deserve to be taken seriously.

We still have a lot to do before the conference. Mai Cha's group is
going to shoot in the coming weeks. Bekka's group has to get together
and work out hosts and scripts. Mai Cha has set a deadline for
herself: they plan to have all the intros and outros shot and to at
least have a rough cut by July 17th, with everything to Witt in a fine cut
by early the next week.

Friday, April 27, 2007

YAC - We Made T-Shirts!

We used freezer paper and acrylic paint (the method is described on Kevin's blog) to make some awesome Youth Advisory Committee T-shirts. Roxanne Johnson came in to teach us how to do it.

Bekka designed the amazing YAC logo.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Check out the SPNN Youth Update video for March!

YAC created an awesome Youth Update video this month that will air an the All Things Access show. Featuring sock puppets. Watch it right now!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Check out our new SPNN Youth Flyers!

Check out these awesome flyers we made at the last YAC meeting!

Friday, February 09, 2007

YAC Update 2/9/07

A YAC Update - As typed in stream-of-consciousness by Mai Cha Vang

Arg... another late day.
Anyway, I am here and I shall inform you, the audience, what is going on as of right now.
RIGHT NOW, EVERYONE is laughing, making fun of each other.
What's the joke again? I don't know.
hahha...very funny.
So, Bekka said we introduce a new member today.
WELCOME TO YAC, a bunch of crazy yacs. lol..jk.

Another update is..
We watched the youth update..
They didn't save me any starving and coming upon a whole mess of empty pizza boxes! god! So much...for food....
Majid, what did you do?
He shot the new short promo...and it's going air on Comcast very soon! LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, be on the lookout for a new HOT, YOUNG PRODUCER AND DIRECTOR! LADIES..KEEP ur eyes out! and prepared for another competition! heheh....

YAC also talked about the NYMAP, National Youth Media Access Pr...(man..they're talking forever about what P... .stands for...).....oject.
NOW, we can shared videos over the internet nationwide...meaning they can see our films and we can see their films.. We're going to put together a film festival showing the best films around.
Bye, Raylynn....
so what's up?
IVAN SAID, "we yelled at Ivan."
Bekka said, "we also watched the video blog post."
KEVIN SAID, "i think we've covered most of it."
Majid said, "highlights of next week?"

Bye bekka..
Bye Ivan.
Bye majid.
Bye Andrew.
Bye NIkia.
Bye Mai Cha.
Bye Kevin..
Now who's don't know.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Video Update from YAC 1/26/07

Here's the latest update from the Youth Advisory Committee!

Friday, January 12, 2007

YAC Meeting Update 1/12/07

Today's Youth Advisory Committee meeting was a great success. We talked about our new mission statement and everyone agreed that it represented the ideals of the committee. Then we watched the video of the latest SPNN Youth Update and talked about ideas for improvement. Everyone agreed that youth involvement is important for these updates.
Then we took some photos! Finally we discussed the ACM conference that will be held in Minneapolis this year. We brainstormed some ideas for different youth workshops and talked about the kinds of panels that we would want to attend. We had a number of ideas about making them more collaborative and hand-on. Then we did this blog post!

Friday, December 08, 2006

YAC Meeting Update 12/8/06

After a short hiatus, the Youth Advisory Committee met today to discuss a number of important issues and to eat delicious submarine sandwiches. Here's what we did:

We talked about the SPNN Youth Update segment, which is part of the All Things Access show. We discussed ways that YAC could be involved in helping to produce the segment.

We reviewed Bekka's new SPNN Youth logo, which she has been designing for several weeks. Everyone liked it!

Mejid showed off his edited version of the SPNN Youth promo. He also presented his idea for a slightly modified, shorter version of the promo that would play on Comcast channels.

Nicola talked about issues affecting SPNN, with SPNN facing budget cuts in an upcoming city council vote. Several YAC members voiced their opinions, planned to e-mail council members, and vowed to inform others about the issue.

We finalized the Youth Advisory Committee mission statement. Here it is, in all its glory:

The Youth Advisory Committee exists to:
-Ensure a youth voice
- Increase youth involvement and opportunities at SPNN
- Raise awareness of youth media and community issues
- Develop youth leaders